The Garden Pyramid
The Garden Pyramid is a framework we created to design our kits; it is a balanced composition of flowering perennial species - or notes. Borrowing language from perfumery, the notes are separated into three classes based on plant height and planting ratio: top (or head) notes, middle (or heart) notes, and base notes.

This graphic tool illustrates the garden design in terms of both quantity of plants and species, and the diverse palette of species that will mature year after year. These notes are carefully designed with knowledge of the plants’ characteristics, form, and preferred soil and sun conditions.

Top (Head) Notes
These are tall, showy plants that are the first ones to be perceived, yet also the smallest ratio of plants in the garden kit. They are bold, exciting, and will catch people's attention from afar to make a garden's first impression

Middle (Heart) Notes
The middle or heart notes can be perceived soon after the top notes. These notes display a delightful mix of texture, color, and form and provide a variety of flowers throughout the summer. This layer carries the essence of the garden.

Base Notes
Base notes are perceived and most appreciated at the end. These flowering groundcover plants are shorter than the rest. They serve as dual purpose plants by providing an important foundation to the overall garden and suppressing weed growth, thus minimizing or eliminating the need for mulch. These base notes have a long-lasting persistence and bring solidity to the garden.



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