Photo: M. Herndon

"When we first purchased our home, we tried making a few quick fixes and, for instance, bought mums at a big box store like everyone else. It was great to have Sandra visit our home because she provided a comprehensive approach and helped us re-orient and edit. We ended up getting rid of a few unhealthy shrubs and a tree that was in decline and then installed a part sun kit. This was a one time investment that allows us to see a beautiful garden when we come home everyday."

"Planting a garden with Plant Me A Rainbow helped us to become more invested in our home landscape. Our 3 year old daughter loved being involved in the planting process and we are already thinking about planning new projects. We even re-used the solarization tools that came in our welcome kit to prep another garden bed and my father in law was so impressed with the auger drill bit that he purchased one for himself!"

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